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I visited Richards Guitars the other day. Quite innocently I asked him if I could use his toilet.. He seemed really awkward about this which should have been my warning signal but hey, I just thought maybe he hadn't cleaned the loo for a while.

Anyway - I closed the door and with the quiet of the room I could hear mumbling and groaning. I swore I could hear someone saying "let me out" but it was very muffled. I saw a door but was way too scared to open it.

I got out of there as soon as possible. I asked Richard what was behind the door. I kid you not his reply was "Thats where I lock all the customers who bad mouth me on" - IF I had not heard it for myself I would have taken it as a JOKE. I looked into the website address and here I am. Now I have found people slagging him off on here and just wonder whether any of these people have been seen since posting on here?

Woh this guy is wierd - I have read all the comments on here from all these really nice people and clearly the guy is CRAZY!!!

STEER CLEAR - Unless you want to end up tied up in his cellar.

Reason of review: Dont want to end up in his cellar.

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Just for the record, I (Richards Guitars)wrote this personally to demonstrate how you cannot believe a word people write on this site - designed for trolls.

No vetting procedure - no proof of authenticity.

I am fanatical about customer service and have 4.9 out of 5 based on over 200 customer reviews at

Check out this reviews site ABOUT - It demonstrates the truth behind this site ...

First Born Triplet

You are lucky you are in England, if this happened in the US he would be chopping them up an stuffing them in a wood chipper. I would however not risk posting this because next you will be locked in the cellar, and I think some of them are ghosts and have died in the cellar.

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